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Oregon Air Hockey!

Air hockey is growing in Oregon thanks to an expanding player base in Eugene and Portland, support from game operating company Amusement Unlimited, and a special promotion conducted by Gold Standard Games! On May 20 YNOT Have Fun Bar & … Continue reading

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Midwest Gaming Classic

For the second year in a row, Gold Standard Games brought the sport of air hockey to the Midwest Gaming Classic, held in April in Milwaukee. The Gaming Classic features mostly pinball and video games, and attracts thousands of gamers … Continue reading

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Professional Air Hockey Trick Shots

Mark Robbins, 2-time World Champion and owner of Gold Standard Games, demonstrates some trick shots that are actually used by elite-level players, and that you can incorporate into your own game! Included are the one-two, the casting cut shot, and … Continue reading

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World Championships live streaming video

Go to, click on “stream” in the menu at top of page. Sat. Oct. 17, 1 pm to 11 pm CT, Sun. Oct. 18, noon-7 pm.

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Classic Air Hockey: Robbins Vs Hernandez 1983 TX State

7th game, ’83 TX State at Barney’s in Houston. The audio is distorted due to a failing video camera, but the sound seems to add to the effect in this wild and intense match between the two fastest players in … Continue reading

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2015 USAA World Air Hockey Championships!

The 2015 USAA World Air Hockey Championships are scheduled for Oct. 16-18 in Houston, TX! The beautiful TDECU Stadium at the University of Houston is the site for the tournament, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Air Hockey … Continue reading

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Breath of Fresh Air-Hockey League Program – college version

Breath of Fresh Air-Hockey – College version 3

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Air Hockey Basics – Under-the-mallet Banks

by Jacob Weissman For this article I write from the perspective of a right-handed player, as I and most players are right-handed. If you are one of those rare, left-handed unicorns, simply think of my right hand as your left … Continue reading

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2015 Texas State Championships

The Texas State Air Hockey Championships took place March 12-15 at Skybox Grill Bar & Games in Houston. The event was sponsored by Gold Standard Games, Xtreme Airhockey, and Skybox. Fifty two players competed in the main event with more … Continue reading

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How to Play Air Hockey

A short, 6 minute introductory video showing some of the basic fundamentals of playing competitive air hockey. Features Mark Robbins, 2-time World Champion, 4-time holder of the USAA #1 Ranking, and owner of Gold Standard Games. At the end is … Continue reading

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