USAA Officers:

President: Phil Arnold (elected 6/2011, USAA Senior since 1/1975)
Vice President: Goran Mitic (elected 6/2011, USAA Senior since 7/2010)
Secretary: Travis Luscombe (elected 6/2011, USAA Senior since 7/2010)
Treasurer: Mark Robbins (elected 6/2011, USAA Senior since 10/1995)
Historian: Chris Green (elected 6/2011, USAA Senior since 3/2007)
Senior – Senior Members may seek and hold official offices, write and hold special voting proxies, and serve as committee chairpersons. They also have all of the privileges of Associates and Affiliates.
Phil Arnold (since 1/1975)
Mark Robbins (since 10/1995)
Brian Accrocco (since 1/1999)
Danny Hynes (since 10/2002)
Ehab Shoukry (since 10/2002)
Syed Rahman (since 3/2004)
Billy Stubbs (since 3/2004)
Joe Cain (since 3/2005)
Michael L. Rosen (since 3/2005)
Vince Schappell (since 3/2005)
Chris Green (since 3/2007)
John Mitchell (since 3/2007)
Christopher Lee (since 10/2007)
Jason Stevens (since 7/2009)
Travis Luscombe (since 7/2010)
Goran Mitic (since 7/2010)
John Stucky (since 7/2010)
Tim Weissman (since 7/2012)
Associate – Associate Members have voting rights for all proposals whether constitutional, procedural, rules or otherwise, and voting rights for committee elections. They also have all of the privileges of Affiliates.
Mark Nizzi (since 10/2002)
James Britton (since 10/2004)
Theon Karabatsos (since 10/2004)
Andrew Flanagan (since 7/2009)
Marc Sandlin (since 7/2010)
Wil Upchurch (since 7/2010)
Tony Morris (since 8/2011)
Brian Quezada (since 8/2011)
Dan Meyer (since 5/2012)
Lazaro Garcia (since 7/2012)
Don James, jr. (since 7/2012)
Affiliate – Affiliate Members have voting rights for general elections, may write and hold general election proxies, may serve on committees, and may make and second motions/proposals and be recognized at USAA board meetings.
George Anderson (since 7/2009)
Jimmy Heilander (since 7/2010)
Dave Parmley (since 7/2010)
Mike Cummings (since 8/2011)
Tory Evans (since 8/2011)
Mike Keller (since 8/2011)
Nick Keller (since 8/2011)
Pete Lippincott (since 7/2012)
Jacob Weissman (since 7/2012)
Guest – Guests may attend USAA board meetings upon approval of the acting-President. A recognized voting member may yield the floor to a guest. The acting-President may remove this right if he/she feels the need.