First USAA Nationals 1978 TV Clip

Classic 4-minute TV news show segment from the very first USAA Nationals at Fair Lanes in Houston, TX. Features Ron Franklin interviewing Phil Arnold, Jesse Douty, Rolf Moore, Mike Barry, Mark Robbins.

1983 Houston Nationals TV Clip

This is one of the best TV news segments ever done on the sport of air hockey. Featuring interviews with Phil Arnold, Robert Hernandez, Jesse Douty.

1985 Houston Nationals TV Clip

Another good TV clip featuring interviews with Robert Hernandez, Phil Arnold, Mark Robbins, and Bob Dubuisson.

Douty vs. Dubuisson 1983 Boulder Nationals

Excerpts from what is considered one of the greatest matches of all-time in air hockey. This clip shows the end of the winners bracket match between Jesse Douty and Bob Dubuisson; followed by Paul Marshall interviewing Jesse; then the end of game 6 and the entire game 7 of the first set of the Finals. This match solidified Dubuisson’s reputation as the master of the comeback.

Classic Air Hockey: Robbins Vs Hernandez 1983 TX State

7th game, ’83 TX State at Barney’s in Houston. The audio is distorted due to a failing video camera, but the sound seems to add to the effect in this wild and intense match between the two fastest players in the game at that time.

1984 Houston Nationals Arnold vs. Douty

Jesse Douty is at the height of his dominance in this excerpt from the Finals against long-time rival Phil Arnold. Jesse avenges his loss to Bob Dubuisson in the previous Nationals.

1984 Boulder Nationals Highlights

Tim Weissman vs. John Stucky; Barbara Marquis vs. Jenny Spencer; Paul Marshall vs. Don Bearden; Mark Robbins vs. Robert Hernandez, Finals.

1985 Houston Nationals Highlights

Bob Dubuisson vs. Vince Schappell; Barbara Marquis vs. Patrice Nale, Women’s finals

1985 Challenge Match for #1, Phil Arnold vs. Bob Dubuisson

End of the 7-set match for #1 USAA World Ranking. Phil Arnold of Houston challenges Bob Dubuisson at the Dark Horse in Boulder, Colorado, May 1985.

1985 Boulder Nationals, Dubuisson vs. Hernandez

Bob Dubuisson is at the height of his greatness in 1985 as he attempts to capture his second National title of the year against the lightning-fast Robert Hernandez.

Hernandez vs. Dubuisson Challenge Match 1986

After losing to Bob Dubuisson in 2 consecutive National finals, Robert Hernandez goes to the Dark Horse in Boulder CO to challenge Dubuisson for the #1 USAA Ranking. Feb. 15, 1986.