Billy Stubbs/Ehab Shoukry instructional video

A video of the instructional clinic conducted by Billy Stubbs and Ehab Shoukry at the 2013 World Championships has been uploaded to the new Gold Standard Air Hockey youtube channel! Billy was the 2012 World Champion and is a 3-time World Champ known for his extensive and comprehensive study of the game. Ehab Shoukry is a 2-time World Champ known for having one of the best defenses of all time.

This video is raw footage of the clinic, so it is unedited. The audio is not ideal because Billy and Ehab were not miked for the presentation, just a regular boom mike was used. Nevertheless there are valuable insights here for players at all skill levels. Billy focuses on offensive strategy and shot releases, while Ehab talks about defense.

Watch for more videos to be uploaded to the Gold Standard Air Hockey channel! Here’s the video, and you can also go to

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