2015 Texas State Championships

The Texas State Air Hockey Championships took place March 12-15 at Skybox Grill Bar & Games in Houston. The event was sponsored by Gold Standard Games, Xtreme Airhockey, and Skybox. Fifty two players competed in the main event with more entries in specialty events such as doubles, Press your Luck, and a handicapped tournament.

Winning the tournament was Colin “The Prodigy” Cummings of Houston. At just short of 16 years of age, Colin becomes the youngest player – by 3 years – to ever win a USAA-sanctioned major tournament. Second place went to former Texas champ Anthony Marino, followed by Brian Accrocco and Pete Lippincott. Fifth place went to another teenager, Avery Yebernetsky, a former USAA Junior champion. Media coverage of the event included a TV segment on Houston Channel 39’s NewsFix.

TX State 2015-1 TX State 2015-2 TX State 2015-3 TX State 2015-4

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