Oregon Air Hockey!

Air hockey is growing in Oregon thanks to an expanding player base in Eugene and Portland, support from game operating company Amusement Unlimited, and a special promotion conducted by Gold Standard Games! On May 20 YNOT Have Fun Bar & Grill in Portland hosted a “Challenge the Champ” exhibition featuring 2-time world champion Mark Robbins, owner of Gold Standard Games. A good time was had by all as Robbins demonstrated basic techniques of air hockey and wiped out all challengers. YNOT owner Josh Johnson was pleased with the interest in air hockey and may be putting together regular tournaments in the near future. YNOT Have Fun features two USAA-sanctioned Gold Flare Elite tables plus many other games, and excellent food and drink. For directions, hours and other info go to http://www.ynothavefun.com.

Pics: Mark Robbins taking on a challenger; Robbins with Gabe Garboden, a high school student from Eugene who is the top-rated air hockey player in Oregon; and Robbins with the lovely Aerynn Mielke of Amusement Unlimited.

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