2017 Air Hockey World Championships!

The 2017 USAA World Championships are scheduled for October 20-22 at Rice University in Houston, TX! The venue is the “R Room” at the Rice University football stadium. The main tournament, on Saturday and Sunday, is open to players of all skill levels. Friday will feature the traditional Doubles competition, also open to all players. Colin Cummings of Beaumont, TX will be defending his World title and attempting to win his 3rd consecutive USAA crown.

For more information, go to http://www.airhockey.com, email reunion@sbcglobal.net, or call 713-540-8670. Registration will open soon. This event will be the 57th National/World championship sanctioned by the U.S. Air Hockey Association since the first one in 1978. The tournament will determine new USAA World rankings! Look for more details posted here as they become available.

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2016 USAA Worlds!

The USAA’s 2016 World Air Hockey Championships were completed on Dec.
2-4 in Houston, TX. The site was the University Wellness Center at the University of Houston.

Colin Cummings, the 17-year-old phenom from Beaumont, TX, continued his
winning ways by defeating veteran contenders decades older than him
enroute to winning his 2nd USAA World title. Putting Colin into the
losers bracket but succumbing in the finals was 11-time World Champion
Danny Hynes of Houston. Danny pulled off an amazing comeback from down 3 games to zero in the winners bracket finals. But Colin upped his level in the finals and Danny was unable to hang with him as Colin rolled off two sets to take the championship. Third place went to Brian Accrocco of Houston, followed by Pedro Otero of Caracas, Venezuela. Rounding out the top 5 was Marcelo Garcia, also of Caracas.

The Friday night Doubles competition was won by Brian Quezada and Dan
Meyer of Chicago, aka Puck Buddies. Sarah Weissman of Houston captured the Women’s title, and Ben Ebers of the University of Houston won the special handicap
(point spot) tournament.

For a complete list of finishers, go to the Forums section of airhockey.com and click on Tournaments and Events.

Top finishers


Colin Cummings

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2016 Air Hockey World Championships!

The 2016 USAA World Championships are scheduled for Dec. 2-4 at the University of Houston in Houston, TX. Last year’s championships drew a record turnout, and the top contenders will again descend on Houston to compete for the coveted title of USAA World Champion! The main tournament, on Saturday and Sunday, is open to players of all skill levels. Friday will feature the traditional Doubles competition, also open to all players.

For more information, go to http://www.airhockey.com. Registration will open soon. This event will be the 56th National/World championship sanctioned by USAA since the first one in 1978. Look for more details posted here as they become available.

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Oregon Air Hockey!

Air hockey is growing in Oregon thanks to an expanding player base in Eugene and Portland, support from game operating company Amusement Unlimited, and a special promotion conducted by Gold Standard Games! On May 20 YNOT Have Fun Bar & Grill in Portland hosted a “Challenge the Champ” exhibition featuring 2-time world champion Mark Robbins, owner of Gold Standard Games. A good time was had by all as Robbins demonstrated basic techniques of air hockey and wiped out all challengers. YNOT owner Josh Johnson was pleased with the interest in air hockey and may be putting together regular tournaments in the near future. YNOT Have Fun features two USAA-sanctioned Gold Flare Elite tables plus many other games, and excellent food and drink. For directions, hours and other info go to http://www.ynothavefun.com.

Pics: Mark Robbins taking on a challenger; Robbins with Gabe Garboden, a high school student from Eugene who is the top-rated air hockey player in Oregon; and Robbins with the lovely Aerynn Mielke of Amusement Unlimited.

YNOT 5-16-1aYNOT 5-16-3aYNOT 5-16-4a

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Midwest Gaming Classic

For the second year in a row, Gold Standard Games brought the sport of air hockey to the Midwest Gaming Classic, held in April in Milwaukee. The Gaming Classic features mostly pinball and video games, and attracts thousands of gamers as well as families to the annual event. Air hockey has become very popular at the Classic, with people playing on the two Gold Standard tables virtually non-stop throughout the weekend. “Challenge the Champ” exhibitions were conducted by¬† Mark Robbins, a 2-time World Champion, and Dan Meyer, the 7th place finisher at last year’s USAA Worlds.

For more info on the event, go to http://www.midwestgamingclassic.com

Dan Meyer (near side) showing how it’s done

Midwest 2016-5Midwest 2016-4Midwest 2016-1Midwest 2015-1a

Mark Robbins (in Air Hockey shirt) takes on a challenger

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Professional Air Hockey Trick Shots

Mark Robbins, 2-time World Champion and owner of Gold Standard Games, demonstrates some trick shots that are actually used by elite-level players, and that you can incorporate into your own game! Included are the one-two, the casting cut shot, and the moving puck/chase shot.

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World Championships live streaming video

Go to http://www.airhockey.com, click on “stream” in the menu at top of page. Sat. Oct. 17, 1 pm to 11 pm CT, Sun. Oct. 18, noon-7 pm.

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Classic Air Hockey: Robbins Vs Hernandez 1983 TX State

7th game, ’83 TX State at Barney’s in Houston. The audio is distorted due to a failing video camera, but the sound seems to add to the effect in this wild and intense match between the two fastest players in the game at that time.

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2015 USAA World Air Hockey Championships!

The 2015 USAA World Air Hockey Championships are scheduled for Oct. 16-18 in Houston, TX! The beautiful TDECU Stadium at the University of Houston is the site for the tournament, which celebrates the 40th anniversary of the U.S. Air Hockey Association, and is the 55th Worlds/Nationals sanctioned by the USAA since 1978! All players from everywhere, of all skill levels, are eligible to compete against the world’s best. The main singles event on Sat./Sun. features quadruple-elimination for most players, with spinoff divisions. Sponsored by Gold Standard Games and other companies, the tournament awards cash, trophies, and other prizes. Players in the main event receive a souvenir T-shirt and every player receives a USAA World Ranking based on finish!

The traditional doubles championship event will take place on Friday. There will be videos and other memorabilia commemorating 40 years of USAA air hockey! Most of the world’s very best players will be attending this tournament – don’t miss it! For more information, go to http://www.airhockey.com.

2015 Worlds flyer - GSG

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Breath of Fresh Air-Hockey League Program – college version

Breath of Fresh Air-Hockey – College version 3

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