2020 Air Hockey World Championships!

The 2020 Air Hockey Worlds will be held April 17-19 at the Hilton Hotel on the campus of the University of Houston, Houston, TX. This tournament will be the 61st National/World Championship sanctioned by the U.S. Air Hockey Association (USAA) since the inaugural championships in 1978. The sport’s greatest players are expected to attend, including current USAA World Champion Colin Cummings. And final matches of the event will be filmed for broadcast on ESPN later in the year!

The tournament is open to players of all skill levels, and all finishers will earn a USAA World Ranking. For more information, and to register, go to

Worlds 2020 Registration

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1984 Houston Nationals Arnold vs. Douty

Jesse Douty is at the height of his dominance in this excerpt from the Finals against long-time rival Phil Arnold. Jesse avenges his loss to Bob Dubuisson in the previous Nationals.

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Air Hockey Worlds Live Streaming

https://m.facebook.com/airhockeylive – starting late afternoon March 15, continuing through Sunday March 17.

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2019 Air Hockey Worlds!

The 2019 USAA World Air Hockey Championships are taking place March 15-17 in Houston, Texas! The site is Tudor Fieldhouse at Rice University. Tournament is open to all players worldwide. The doubles event starts at 5pm Friday afternoon, with the main singles tournament starting Saturday and finishing Sunday. Current World Champion Colin Cummings will be attempting to capture his 4th USAA title… while 11-time champion Danny Hynes, one of the all-time greats, will go for a record 12th world title.

Every player in the main event gets a tournament T-shirt and a World ranking based on finish. There are trophies, cash, and other prizes, in addition to two (or more) full days of competitive air hockey! For more information, and to register, go to
Or email reunion@sbcglobal.net or sjweissm@gmail.com

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Air Hockey Worlds Streaming Video!

Starting 11 am MT Sat. and Sun. July 28-29, from the USAA-sanctioned AHPA World Championships in Colorado Springs!


Or search for Air Hockey Live 360 on facebook.

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2017 Worlds Results

The 2017 USAA Worlds held at Rice University Oct. 20-22 truly represented a changing of the guard. All eyes were on 18-year-old phenom Colin Cummings of Beaumont, TX. Colin had dominated air hockey for the past 2 and a half years, winning all major tournaments he competed in, including two USAA World championships. Could ANYONE mount a serious challenge to Colin? And would 11-time World Champ Danny Hynes make the Finals again… possibly setting a new USAA record by capturing his 12th title?

All the expert predictions for this tournament went by the wayside because Colin couldn’t even get to the Finals… finishing 3rd. He was defeated twice by surprise finalist Vadim Chiznevskiy of Moscow, Russia. Vadim had finished just outside the top 10 two years earlier. But at Friday night’s Doubles event, it became clear that Vadim was a new force to be reckoned with. Tremendous defense… great puck possession… lightning quick wrist action and releases.

Vadim made it to the Finals against another surprise finalist… Jacob Weissman of Houston. Jacob had always been a strong member of the “next generation” of air hockey competitors, but over the last few years he was overshadowed by Colin’s phenomenal rise to greatness. But this was a different Jacob. Confident… powerful… and with a much improved defense. And screaming right-wall unders that matched those of his famous father in his prime – 10-time USAA champion Tim Weissman.

So 21-year-old Jacob Weissman dispensed with Vadim in the first set of the Finals, 4-0, to win his first major championship, and first World title! Danny Hynes, one of the few remaining members of the “New Old Guard” which had dominated air hockey in the 21st century, ended up 7th. Veteran top-10 player Brian Accrocco of Houston finished 4th, with Dan Meyer of Chicago taking 5th.

The Doubles competition went to Calculated Intensity – Danny Hynes and Brian Accrocco. The Women’s Champion (top finishing female) was Lilo Daher of the University of Houston.

Below are some photos from the tournament, including Vadim and Jacob with the USAA championship belt!

2017 Worlds 62017 Worlds flyer 3a2017 Worlds 52017 Worlds 12017 Worlds 42017 Worlds 3

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Live streaming – 2017 Worlds!

http://www.ahl360.com. Doubles Oct. 20.  Main tournament starting 1 pm Oct. 21 til around 10, Oct. 22 starting at noon.

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Register for 2017 Worlds

Go to http://www.airhockey.wixsite.com/home for more info!

2017 Worlds flyer 2

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2017 Air Hockey World Championships!

The 2017 USAA World Championships are scheduled for October 20-22 at Rice University in Houston, TX! The venue is the “R Room” at the Rice University football stadium. The main tournament, on Saturday and Sunday, is open to players of all skill levels. Friday will feature the traditional Doubles competition, also open to all players. Colin Cummings of Beaumont, TX will be defending his World title and attempting to win his 3rd consecutive USAA crown.

For more information, go to http://www.airhockey.com, email reunion@sbcglobal.net, or call 713-540-8670. Registration will open soon. This event will be the 57th National/World championship sanctioned by the U.S. Air Hockey Association since the first one in 1978. The tournament will determine new USAA World rankings! Look for more details posted here as they become available.

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2016 USAA Worlds!

The USAA’s 2016 World Air Hockey Championships were completed on Dec.
2-4 in Houston, TX. The site was the University Wellness Center at the University of Houston.

Colin Cummings, the 17-year-old phenom from Beaumont, TX, continued his
winning ways by defeating veteran contenders decades older than him
enroute to winning his 2nd USAA World title. Putting Colin into the
losers bracket but succumbing in the finals was 11-time World Champion
Danny Hynes of Houston. Danny pulled off an amazing comeback from down 3 games to zero in the winners bracket finals. But Colin upped his level in the finals and Danny was unable to hang with him as Colin rolled off two sets to take the championship. Third place went to Brian Accrocco of Houston, followed by Pedro Otero of Caracas, Venezuela. Rounding out the top 5 was Marcelo Garcia, also of Caracas.

The Friday night Doubles competition was won by Brian Quezada and Dan
Meyer of Chicago, aka Puck Buddies. Sarah Weissman of Houston captured the Women’s title, and Ben Ebers of the University of Houston won the special handicap
(point spot) tournament.

For a complete list of finishers, go to the Forums section of airhockey.com and click on Tournaments and Events.

Top finishers


Colin Cummings

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